Only White people are able to adopt poor coloured children


Only White people are able to adopt poor coloured children

A for the western world peculiar picture, an Indian-American family adopted two white children?

This can be right we, the Western civilised world should look after people with a different skin as we are taught to be the successive race and take care of the weak coloured people, poverty in poor African places, supporting emerging markets and create proper stone buildings with sanitary facilities  in countries where living in caves or as nomads is normal.

                We the western white World should educate and make the World civilised as only we can create linear rules and regulations, law and implement new bills.

Is this really still the truth? We are living in a world where we don't speak about international anymore but about globalisation which is a huge difference. The world is changing so rapidly but are our minds capable of coping to adjust to certain changes.

This article is a brilliant example of equality but seems to be unique by still to many as we are not taught to think outside the box. We are not made aware about that if two humans are adopting a child it is to provide a stable family, and that the colour of skin is only the package we see.

From research and today's marketing we know that more than 75% of our visual sight creates an quick and first opinion about what we have been taught and decide if it's right or wrong.

Unexpected the love of two individuals adopting two children, turned out to be a poster for racial awareness. This is not only a breakthrough in adoption but an awareness to all people that stability which is provided does not have a colour.

 Let's be honest, if this would be a white family with two Indian children we would have not blinked twice.