Education & Training

We work in an era in which global expansion and international business is commonplace rather than an exception. It's very important to see what changes are occurring in the 24-hour economy and the effect they have on your strategy.

  • Is your management style or approach suitable for a rapid international change?
  • Are you aware of the intercultural management differences in your team and do you receive the required feedback?

In this day and age we have to become hyperthinkers. This will require new skills in the field of hypershifting, hyperlearning, hyperlinking and hyperacting. Not just leadership styles but also a perception of different tasks and actions that are viewed differently when communicating in a team with unfamiliar cultural backgrounds.

Research shows that it's almost impossible to bring the appropriate leadership style to a team in the twenty-first century. This is the difficulty of today's international management. On the surface we look more and more alike. But that is only 10%, while the remaining 90% stays hidden, even though team members are similarly educated and speak the same language fluently.

Knowing the importance of the fact that 90% of someone's real self is hidden or not totally noticeable, we can say that international leaders are oblivious to different input or strategies which can increase your communication, build and strengthen your working/social relationships with people and organisations. This knowledge is particularly important in the following processes:

  • Startups of new ventures
  • New market penetration
  • Global market campaigns
  • Strategic global business development
  • Becoming a distribution channel or agent
  • Buyouts or takeovers
  • Introducing or designing a new product abroad.

Any person working and living in an international environment will benefit from local knowledge and needs to establish global acquaintances to provide this and reduce obstacles.

"If you cannot see, hear or feel the international need off your product or service, you are not ready to cross borders"