International business grant


The key to expanding and developing your company or organisation is designing an effective and successful business/action plan based on valid and key information for your proposed new market, area or country. We have the ability and worldwide resources to get all the information you need to design a strong entry strategy. This first step will be the key element in your future success. Our worldwide network contains acquaintances in over 100 countries including government offices and highly respected businesses which give you access to key information to expand your growth.

We provide advice, research & support on the following key criteria which are beneficial before investing in a new market:

  • Partnering & sales
  • Country & city of establishment
  • Distribution or manufacturing
  • Agent's or Joint venture
  • Marketing
  • Financial & currency risks
  • Logistics & INCO terms


"Every Journey starts with the first step"

There are still numerous companies that believe, on the strength of their local success, that they will be able to generate new business when crossing borders without changing their strategy! Experts in globalisation know this is nearly impossible due to the uniqueness of cultural differences worldwide.

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Partnering &  Sales

Is your company ready to cross borders? Are you receiving random international quotes? And do you want to focus on one or more countries to increase sales and expand market share?

We are here to support and lead your organisation to the most suitable:

  • Partner
  • Distributor
  • Joint venture
  • Agent or other sales or service channels.

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Country & Place

The dream and excitement of duplicating your company in another country or area has been in the pipeline for years, but day-to-day planning and work-related issues mean your organisation has not had time for research to identify the most successful country for your service or product.

Global Acquaintance can carry out a business scan for your organisation to find the best country or areas for your new market,  eliminating those where your product or service will be likely to generate less revenue and only add to internal financial losses, stress and uncertainty.

Our professional global network encompasses embassies and government institutions, but more importantly the appropriate local sales and consultancy channels such as:

  • Local entrepreneurs
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Passionate and proud local people.

Together we will scan your product or service and deliver a realistic report focusing on your chances for success. Together we will create your international growth.

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Distribution or Manufacturing Channel

Finding the appropriate distribution channel or manufacturing can be an exhausting task and a time-consuming project and a huge burden on your financial situation. It's not uncommon to find your costs very quickly reaching thousands of pounds, dollars, yen, RNB or euros before you even meet the right candidate.

Why don't you stay focused on your core business and processes, while we find and introduce you to your future business partner, associate or acquaintance.

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Agent or Joint Venture

The right agent is someone who is capable of selling or presenting your product or service without spending too much time, resources and finance. If an agent might be the best option for your organisation but you don't know where to find one, we can help meet your needs and find the person with the best skills who will able to focus on your core business away from home. We will find, talk to and introduce you not only to the best match for your company, product or service but also to the appropriate business acquaintance to work with.

Some countries will not allow a new business to enter unless you start a joint venture, even though a joint venture was never part of your original design. But there might be no other choice. Sharing information with an unknown partner is a trustworthy exercise. How do you find a perfect match for a JV and what can you expect from them?

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It seems so easy. After all, your product is successful in your own country. What will stop it becoming a market leader in other places around the world?

Marketing strategies and campaigns can often be overlooked. Internationally oriented companies lose large amounts of money each year by overlooking the importance of cultural and local country habits. What do they like or dislike among the various colours, names or even numbers which are all essential for a successful marketing plan and strategy?

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Financial & Currency risks

Payment and financial currency risks can be underestimated because calculating these risks is not that easy. Payment terms or currency risks are special subjects which have to be tackled with care. Our financial experts are able to advise you on the various risks such as:

  • Letters of Credit
  • Exchange rates & foreign currency
  • Financial contracts and payment terms

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Logistic & INCO Terms

It seems so easy, but major logistics risks can be controlled through the use of International Commercial Terms (better known as INCO terms) published by the ICC. INCO terms are widely used around the world for international transactions and procurement processes. Although Incoterms are accepted by governments, legal authorities and practitioners worldwide, the main aim is simple but clear:

"To reduce uncertainties whilst transporting goods from one owner to the next"

If you are not familiar with the world of INCO terms, we suggest asking one of our experts. They will save you time and provide financial stability by ensuring that logistics are organised appropriately.

They can advise on:

  • Best INCO terms
  • Safest & quickest route to your destination
  • Calculation or insurance of logistics risks
  • Logistics processes

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    April's event with speaker Perry Willemse was well received.  There were 17 wonderful members who attended, representing 9 nationalities and industries such as Off-shore, Finance, Logistics, Sales, IT, and Engineering.  Speaker Mr. Willemse presented a engaging, funny, and all to truthful presentation about some of the pit falls of not recognizing culture when conducting business in a foreign culture.  We really appreciate his enthusiasm time and insight.

    Mr Matthew Dulcey Global Sales Manager

    I didn't expect this kind of point of view and as I work daily with UK, Finland, Germany and France it was definitely very interesting to me.

    A real eye opener.

    Mr Lionel Alonso European Sales Manager OPTI LIGHT

    Your interaction and involvement with our International team, gave us a great understanding of the complexity in our team. We realised that the bottleneck is not so much work related but mainly in the field of intercultural communication. 

    Mr A.F.C. Olsthoorn Director Business Excellence Benelux

    Global Acquaintance created a fantastic, educational custome made training/presentation to our trainers and staff. Together with the Lewis model cultural assessment we feel that this will highly contribute to our joint venture with the Asia Football Coaching Academy

    Mr Lennard van Ruiven KNVB, Co-ordinator Football Development UEFA A trainer coach TC1

    At the 2014 international care conference in the Hague, Global Acquaintance presented the audience with realistic practical and usefull examples of difficulties when working cross borders. With hilarious anecdotes and interaction it became clear that cultural differences can be overcome, but that our own sterotype behaviour can be destructive while communicating with people from other cultures

    Mrs J. van Gemeren SME Advisor, Chamber of Commerce the Netherlands

    The training and coaching of how to lead my international team was very usefull, especially with the ability and information of the 24/7 availability online cultural information off the Lewis Model. The online coaching session is much appreciated and it improved my skills of how to motivate my team, without interference of HQ. 

    Confidential respected customer CEO Asian Pacific, Multinational Oil and Gas industry

    Het Lewis Model legt feilloos de vinger op de zere plek als het gaat om interculturele communicatie. Perry weet dan de theorie duidelijk te vertalen naar de praktijk. Teşekkürler Perry!

    Mr Jilles van Zinderen International Lawyer MANZ Legal