"Global business knowledge seems so easy"

In this era of globalisation we specialise in sharing practical and theoretical knowledge from our worldwide network to create an indispensable manual for your professional employees to succeed in an international environment.


90% of CEOs believe if cross-border communication were to improve,

profit, revenue and market share would all improve as well.

(source The Economist Intelligence Unit)


We consult, educate and train your people to become confident and lead with passion to increase the level of success & loyalty by staying ahead of the competition in international expansion or multicultural co-operation.

Your organisation can draw on our expertise when: 

  • -Preparing a start up- in an unfamiliar market or country.
  • -New international strategy implementation is needed for foreign assignments.
  • -Introduction to present your organisation to our Global network of professionals.
  • -Custom made intercultural management training.
  • -Knowledge expansion on cross-cultural selling techniques.
  • -Analysis and advice needed on global risk for foreign investments.
  • -Expert advice on logistics and international commercial (INCO) terms.


Similarity among working etiquette is not that obvious

when dealing with cultures other than your own.

The US alone is losing:

$ 2.5 billion each year

through misjudging the complexity of international assignments

Education & Training

Education &Training "You can only educate or train people on the importance of the job if they devote their whole soul to it. This is a question of true nature and can't be changed"

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International Management

" Hire character. Train skill" Management in global organisations requires broad knowledge and much more skill than local management.

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"The importance of communicating in another language involves more than writing and sound."

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Consultancy & Research

"Sharing knowledge and information, by introducing the appropriate partner, is beneficial for your and our success"

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Mission Statement

Ons Verhaal

Door jaren lang praktische en theoretische vaardigheden te mogen ontvangen van wijze mensen. 

Zijn wij overtuigd dat Global succes alleen kan ontstaan door samenwerking en delen.

Onze passie heeft geleid tot een grote en mooi Global Netwerk om u zo goed mogelijk van dienst te kunnen zijn.


Onze Missie

Het vergoten van uw internationale succes en onvoorziene risico's te minimaliseren.

Onze Visie

Wij doorbreken grenzen om uw economische groei te stimuleren voor een stabiele toekomst.

Onze Passie

· Samenwerken met bedrijven welke internationale uitbreiding van groot belang vinden.

· Delen van kennis om Global competenties binnen organisatie te vergroten.

· Creëren van trainingen om efficiënte werkprocessen te optimaliseren.


    April's event with speaker Perry Willemse was well received.  There were 17 wonderful members who attended, representing 9 nationalities and industries such as Off-shore, Finance, Logistics, Sales, IT, and Engineering.  Speaker Mr. Willemse presented a engaging, funny, and all to truthful presentation about some of the pit falls of not recognizing culture when conducting business in a foreign culture.  We really appreciate his enthusiasm time and insight.

    Mr Matthew Dulcey Global Sales Manager

    I didn't expect this kind of point of view and as I work daily with UK, Finland, Germany and France it was definitely very interesting to me.

    A real eye opener.

    Mr Lionel Alonso European Sales Manager OPTI LIGHT

    Your interaction and involvement with our International team, gave us a great understanding of the complexity in our team. We realised that the bottleneck is not so much work related but mainly in the field of intercultural communication. 

    Mr A.F.C. Olsthoorn Director Business Excellence Benelux

    Global Acquaintance created a fantastic, educational custome made training/presentation to our trainers and staff. Together with the Lewis model cultural assessment we feel that this will highly contribute to our joint venture with the Asia Football Coaching Academy

    Mr Lennard van Ruiven KNVB, Co-ordinator Football Development UEFA A trainer coach TC1

    At the 2014 international care conference in the Hague, Global Acquaintance presented the audience with realistic practical and usefull examples of difficulties when working cross borders. With hilarious anecdotes and interaction it became clear that cultural differences can be overcome, but that our own sterotype behaviour can be destructive while communicating with people from other cultures

    Mrs J. van Gemeren SME Advisor, Chamber of Commerce the Netherlands

    The training and coaching of how to lead my international team was very usefull, especially with the ability and information of the 24/7 availability online cultural information off the Lewis Model. The online coaching session is much appreciated and it improved my skills of how to motivate my team, without interference of HQ. 

    Confidential respected customer CEO Asian Pacific, Multinational Oil and Gas industry

    Het Lewis Model legt feilloos de vinger op de zere plek als het gaat om interculturele communicatie. Perry weet dan de theorie duidelijk te vertalen naar de praktijk. Teşekkürler Perry!

    Mr Jilles van Zinderen International Lawyer MANZ Legal